Market Analysis

06/03/2011 - 10:14
Technical analysts at UBS claim that the outlook for British pound versus the greenback is positive. In their view, the pair GBP/USD is poised up to resistance in the 1.6418 area. If sterling manages to rise above these levels, it will get chance to advance to 1.6495. According to the bank, key support for the pair is situated at 1.6302 – while pound’s trading higher UBS stick to the optimistic view on UK currency.   Chart. Daily GBP/USD
06/03/2011 - 09:52
Currency strategists at Westpac think that New Zealand’s dollar may renew maximal levels versus the greenback in the next few weeks. The pair NZD/USD hit post-float high of 0.8262 on May 31. The specialists note that New Zealand’s strong economic data keeps showing that the nation’s economy’s recovering. In their view, the only possible negative factor for kiwi in the near term may be a negative shock to global risk appetite caused by the problems in other regions of the world. According to the...
06/03/2011 - 09:13
EUR/CHF: the analysts note that the pair has found interim tehnical support in the 1.2050 area and may advance to resistance at 1.2320 (March minimums). The key resistance for euro is situated at 1.2404 – while it’s trading below this level, the outlook for the pair will remain negative. Chart. H4 EUR/USD USD/CHF: the specialists advise to buy US currency at 0.8425 adding at 0.8270 and stopping below 0.8250. In their view, it’s necessary to take profit at 0.8550. Chart. Daily USD/CHF
06/03/2011 - 08:58
欧洲兑美元今日上涨至一个月内的最高点1.4486美元附近。希腊危机,西班牙发行债券以及美元汇率疲软的乐观前景促进了欧元的提升。                                                  ЕС, МВФ и ЕЦБ代表月初在雅典进行了两重大问题的谈判:希腊政府是否能为取得第五部分贷款付出努力,以及该国是否能继续为高达3400亿欧元的公共债务提供服务。Brown Brothers Harriman分析师认为,在短期内欧元将得到支持,并能够恢复到1.45美元。与此同时,专家认为,任何决定都将只是暂时的救济,此后欧元/美元以新的下降速度跟随。欧元的阻力位在1.4500/10(短期趋势线),1.4585(5月6日最大值),1.4755/65(5月1日、3日最低值),并支持在1.4305处(至少在6月1日),1.4255水平(5月30日最低值)和1.4185/00(5月26日最低值)。 
06/03/2011 - 08:51
Strategists at Wells Fargo compare the situation in Greece in May of 2011 with what was a year ago. In their view, there are both common points and differences. As for the similarities, the source of investors’ fears remains the same, the Fed’s quantitative easing program is approaching its end and there are a lot of short USD positions. As a result, it’s possible to expect that the greenback’s weakness will be limited and that US currency will once again start strengthening in the coming weeks...
06/02/2011 - 15:49
European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet claimed today that the governments of the European nations should consider the possibility of creating euro zone’s finance ministry. Trichet underlined that the euro area already has the single market, the single currency and the single central bank, so establishing the single ministry of finance seems to be both natural and vital step taking into account the current problems of the region. According to the ECB head, though such body as the...
06/02/2011 - 14:30
As US labor market and housing data is quite discouraging many analysts start wondering whether American monetary authorities will extend monetary stimulus to promote the rebound of the nation’s economy in form of the third round of quantitative easing.    The greenback was under pressure this year as the QE2 made the interest rates in the United States decline, while the other nations in the world were tightening monetary policy. So, the market has been looking forward to the end of the Fed’s...
06/01/2011 - 13:11
Australian dollar rose today to the 3-week maximum versus the greenback in the 1.0750 area gaining nearly 1%. Aussie was encouraged by the news that the nation’s GDP fell in the first quarter only by 1.2% from the previous 3 month – though it was the biggest quarterly drop in 20 years, some economists were looking to much more dramatic figures. For example, analysts at Goldman Sachs expected the slump of more than 2%. Support for the pair AUD/USD is situated at $1.0637, while resistance is...